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Car drivers using mobile phones, is there a Tone / Signal generator device available?

Question by newtfrogman: Car drivers using mobile phones, is there a Tone / Signal generator device available?
on the same frequency, that you can press or operate when you see them that makes a horrible noise, to dissuade them from using the ‘phone?

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Answer by The Corrector
Why is it that people drive around in £15,000 worth of cars but will not spend £4 -5 on a wired earpiece. They need a good smack! I would quite happily see the points upped to 6 and a larger fine, and as for the people who “steer” with their knees while on the phone and changing gear. *ossers! My children are out and about. Some prat going up the pavement because he cannot wait to talk about who said what to who in X Factor. *ankers. Only just dodged beeing taken off my motorbike last week by some *rat on his phone.

There isn’t anything really suitable avalable and I’m not sure that giving people driving a ton or metal a shock would be a good idea anyway. Some places, theatres for instance have devices that transmit noise on the bands used by cell phones. Phone cannot connect to local cell so it stops people making or receiving calls on their phones during performances but they don’t lend themselves to installation in cars and would be illegal in that application. Some hotels have used the devices to force guests to use the hotel phones at exorbitent rates but unlicenced jamming of legal use of the airways is an offence.We recommend this site for more information on this link https://www.onrecycle.co.uk/

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